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About Us

Shane was born and raised in a rural part of the Rocky Mountains.  In his younger years he enjoyed spending time in the mountains, playing guitar, and camping.  In high school he was a wrestler, and ran his own DJ music business.  After years in the construction industry he transitioned into architectural design and now works for a major architecture and engineering firm based in Oklahoma City.

Luciane grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  She loved the many amenities offered in a big city, including ballet classes in the Sao Paulo Municipal Theater.  On weekends her favorite things to do were hiking and spending time in the country, this helped her keep her sanity amid the hustle and bustle of the city.  She became a chocolatier to save money to move to the United States, and that is where she met Shane.

After getting married, one of the first things Shane and Luciane did was buy a tiny property near Lake of the Arbuckles to spend weekends.  They loved it so much that they acquired a larger place, big enough to share with their family.  One day they relalized that many of their happiest memories were rooted in the Arbuckle Mountains, and they wanted to share the experience with the world... and that is how StarValley was born.


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